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​A balanced fertilizer for warmer weather along with insect and disease monitoring and control. Spot weed control for Bahia lawns. Summer is starting and the lawn is kept green without excessive growth. Insects are treated before they become a problem.


Lawn feeding for even color. Insect & disease monitoring and control along with a special fertilizer for stressed lawns. Pest problems are eliminated so your lawn is perfect for summer activities. Grass stressed due to drought or disease is brought back to health.


Late season turf nourishment along with insect and disease monitoring. Pre-emergent weed control is also applied. Weed control begins in St.Augustine as weather cools. Potassium in fertilizer winterizes the lawn for the cooler months.

November- December

Complete fertilization application and spot weed control. Insect & disease monitoring and control along with treating those pesky winter weeds. Grass roots will continue to grow and you can be sure they are fed properly.

*** Palm Tree Feeding/Insect/Fungus Control Plans available--- call for FREE estimate.**

** Sustainable Soulutions for a healthier lawn and ornamnetals. These lawn programs are for 6 to 8 service visits per year - PREPAID ONLY!

** Above schedule is an approximate schedule. Weather and plant health may dictate adjustments to schedule. **

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Lawn Fertilization * Lawn Pest Control * Weed Control * Palm Tree Feeding 

Sustainable solutions** for a healthy Lawn.

Beautification Program Summary  (ask about our Coconut and Royal Palm GREENUP Plan)

bed bug heat treatment systems


January – February

This treatment will include a pre-emergence weed control that will help prevent broad leaf in the Spring for your St. Augustine lawns along with Insect & Disease monitoring/control and a winter nutritional application to promote a quick green-up in the spring.


Treatment will include a spring greening fertilizer; Iron applications for Bahia lawns. An insect and disease monitoring/control program will continue. Also a high nitrogen application will jump start to “green-up” lawns quickly. An Iron application will prevent yellowing in Bahia as rapid growth takes place.

May – June