Pro2call Termite & Pest Control Service, Llc. Questions And Answers
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How Long Have you been servicing the West Coast and Central area of Florida?

We have over twenty years experience providing  termite control, termite treatment and pest management in Seminole and all over Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. 

Do you use smelly and dangerous poisons and are they safe for children and pets?

No, with today's baits and newer products available to solve pest related problems, most of the time there is little odor if any. We also like to concentrate on PEST PREVENTION. YES, all services prior to being performed are assessed to the "least is best" approach, also the IPM (integrated pest management) to determine the exact problem, the environment affected, the people or pets. With all that in mind we can review a low impact successful program that will safely protect your health and your property.

Do you use organic materials?

Yes, we can and do. We also, provide Exclusions & Prevention techniques with a guarantee, Please contact our office for more details.

Do You Follow any Professional Standards?

YES, Excellent question, we are Certified in the following categories with the State of Florida Department of Agriculture & Bureau of Entomology. License: (#1) Residential & Commercial Pest & Rodent Control, (#2) Termite and Other Wood Infesting Organisms,  (#3) Lawn, Shrubs, and  Ornamental Fertilization, Insect and Weed Control, (#4)Certified in Mosquito Suppression, also we are "BMP" Certified (Best Management Practice). All technicians are Certified Commercial Fertilizer Applicators, and we are required each year to maintain CEU's (continuing education) in the licensed areas and before our annual license renewal we are required to provide current insurance requirements and meet State requirements according to Florida Statutes.

What about a Guarantee?

Yes, we always guarantee any services we provide unless otherwise requested.

Why should I choose your company versus the big  companies you see on tv?

The smaller company by far will always provide you better service, more consistent service, and a wider range of solutions since the big guys use only a few products for ALL situations.

Is it true that this is a local family business and supports and employs people in our very own community unlike the big companies who may have an office in another city, or even state?

YES!, we will put your neighbors to work in your community, unlike the bigger companies who may not.

I heard that the big pest control companies are only limited to a few products and assigned piece(s) of equipment unlike Pro2CaLL where they use products and techniques that actually are best suited for my particular situation.

YES, that is true. Pest problems and products used to safely manage them are continuously changing, that's why its important to stay abreast of the latest information and techniques as well as laws.

Will I be called on throughout the year and solicited for additional add on services?

NO, unlike the larger companies who have quotas to meet, Pro2CaLL will only call you for additional services if it is in your best interest.


Are you licensed and insured?

YES, FULLY. Proof of Insurance available upon request.

What level of education and training  does the management team / owner / manager posses?

BS University of South Florida, CPO (certified pest control operator) in GHP (general household pest control),L&O (lawn and ornamnetal), and Termite control. Also a Member FPMA, NPMA, CPCO, BBB.

Can I prepay for my services for the year and will I receive a discount?

Yes, usually 5%, unless you already have a discount pricePlease call for details.